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CCS provides Cleaning Services to the Commercial Sector

Why waste your work time hiring cleaning personell when you can contract a fully equipped team of cleaning professionals? All you need to do is contact us. Once you have the contract that suits your company´s requirements, you will save time and money while knowing you are in professional hands that you can trust.

Our team include fully insured uniformed security badged staff, of who all carry enhanced dbs security checks. Our service included the use of top quality environmental friendly cleaning products and materials and a huge choice of any required machinery.

The work is always carried out by trained, qualified and friendly Cleaning Professionals. Our staff take every measure not to obstruct any moment of activity during the working week and can adapt the provision of cleaning services around the busy hours of the workplace.

A few examples of the types of businesses that we cover are listed below, but please feel free to contact us if you do not see your particular business listed. We are always open to supplying our services to new commercial sectors.


Types of business we cover


We are constantly expanidng our area of cover. As it stands, we provide our services to several locations, covering a large part of the UK.

A First Class Service From a First Class Company

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