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All about Contract Cleaning Services Ltd.

Contract Cleaning Services was created from a family business in Berkshire in 1988. Dawn Groom, the propietor and director of the company, started small. Thanks to her professional manner, competetive prices, and the excellent care and treatment received by her clients, the business has expanded rapidly and has earned the reputation of a trusted and leading company in the field.

• Contract Clearning Services cover both Commercial and Domestic sectors while providing personalised treatment for each one.

Covers all of the cleaning necessities that a business requires, whatever the type of business.

We provide our services to Offices, Factories, Doctors and Dentist surgeries, Public Houses, Hotels, and more!

We are also a Domestic Cleaning Service that covers all the cleaning needs of the home. Daily, Weekly, or Anytime.


Contract Cleaning Services complies with current equality and diversity legislation.

The Cleaning Specialist Since 1988!